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SEE Cooling is a Swedish supplier of extremely energyefficient cooling systems for telecommunications, data centers, industry, office and public spaces.

SEE Cooling Concept is based on cutting-edge patented technologies that enable energy-efficient free cooling. For the warmest periods ground collectors in boreholes are recommended, but a complete range of alternative options are available. SEE Cooling is now ready to offer this technology to the World for the first time.

SEE Cooling was founded by Svante Enlund who is both the inventor and key person behind the SEE Cooling Concept product portfolio. SEE Cooling has its head quarters in Nacka, outside Stockholm, and has established a management team of experienced specialists from both suppliers and customers within the industry.

The company has key partnerships with the manufacturers AIA and Pretec, as well as sound relationships with the elite of researchers in the industry. Since it was founded the Company has an important cooperation with TeliaSonera.

SEE Cooling will continue to be at the cutting edge technologically, environmentally and financially to provide customers with the very best technology the industry can offer, which has already been evolved and refined for over 15 years.

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