SEE Cooling has a mission to develop and sell products that contribute to a better environment and is dedicated to improving the environment by making active choices. The offering is dramatically increasing energy efficiency with big savings in CO2 emissions as a consequence.

SEE Cooling as a new company has an inheritance to foster. The development of Energy saving technologies for cooling at TeliaSonera has for more than 15 years been an important factor in TeliaSoneras Environmental achievements.

The telecommunications operator is environmentally certified to ISO 14000, and has been able to show significant energy savings over many years using SEE Cooling Concept. They has long regarded its environmental activities as a vital part of its operations. We will strive to obtain environmental certification for us as well as for our suppliers.

The environmental policy serves to reinforce our priority commitment to environmental action within SEE Cooling and our determination to work.

Environmental policy

The policy will be used to clearly define our environmental activities within our organisation and externally to our partners. SEE Cooling is dedicated to making constant improvements and achieving sustainable progress.

We will therefore:

conduct a life cycle assessment for each product, comply with legislation and recommendations, be responsive to the requirements placed upon us by our partners and implement preventive efforts to contribute to a better environment, focus on effective management of raw materials and energy by following the principle of caution,
ensure that SEE Cooling’s employees and partners are informed of our environmental practices, minimise the impact on the environment within our company as far as is technologically possible and economically feasible,
introduce new technology to be more efficient in our utilisation of resources and reduce the volume of waste we produce.

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