Geothermic energy, operation & maintenance

Geothermic energy

SEE Cooling Concept GEO utilize a number of up to 300 m deep close circuit bore holes for peak load cooling during the warmer periods of the year. Typically a SEE Cooling installation maximise the use of free cooling based on climate data for each location. The Geothermic peak cooling is dimensioned based on geological and climate data.

Usage of ground collectors is one of the key factors to achieve SEE Cooling Concepts unique operating characteristics and economy.

Operation and maintenance

SEE Cooling Concept is simple strong and very easily maintained due to a minimum of moving parts and a robust physical design.

The main control logic is also robust and integrated into the SEE Rack, it controls all functions and manages all optional add-on products in the installation. The SEE Cooler also has an integrated control unit supplied with different levels of functionality for the measurement of operational data and control of the product. Monitoring from a centralized operation centre is also possible using standard interfaces.

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